Tag Tots Rugby was founded in 2010 with the intention of producing a program that focused on developing a child’s motor and social skills by playing rugby specific games in a safe and fun environment.

All of our classes have been exclusively developed by our team of RFU qualified coaches with the involvement of experienced Nursery managers to focus on the use of core skills such as balance, agility and co-ordination.

Our unique Awards program is focused on developing children’s social skills. The focus for our classes is as follows:

  • Wallabies –Confidence and Independence
  • Lions – Listening and Cooperation
  • Sharks – Teamwork and Sportsmanship

In addition to the Awards program, all Lions and Sharks classes run a “Player of the day” program where at each class, one player will be awarded with the PLAYER OF THE DAY trophy. The trophy is taken home by the lucky winner and is kept for the full week. It is then returned to the class the following week for another player to win!

Children can join the Tag Tots program at any point after their 2nd Birthday. As each child progresses from one class to the next, they are awarded with a graduation certificate.

The first session at all Tag Tots classes is free. If you then wish to join the program, you will be required to pay one off membership fee of £20.00. The membership fee is payable each time your child joins a new class. The fee gets you a Tag Tots bag, T-shirt and class specific log book, plus other goodies!

The Log Book is specific to your child’s class and is used to track their progress. It is an interactive book that has been designed to enhance your child’s experience of the Tag Tots program. It includes the Star Kicker challenge, where children can earn prizes including water bottles, teddy bears and Rugby balls!

Wallabies, Lions and Sharks classes each cost £6 per week which is payable in advance each term.